Wildlife corridor to RNP

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RNP's wildlife is caught between the Pacific Ocean,  F6 freeway & suburbia

Land Use Zones

Land use zones (click blue text for expanded definitions, Permitted/Prohibited)

The land use zones under the Wollongong Local Government Plan are as follows:

Rural Zones

RU1 Primary Production

RU2 Rural Landscape

RU4 Rural Small Holdings

Residential Zones

R1 General Residential

R2 Low Density Residential

R3 Medium Density Residential

R4 High Density Residential

R5 Large Lot Residential

Business Zones

B1 Neighbourhood Centre

B2 Local Centre

B3 Commercial Core

B4 Mixed Use

B6 Enterprise Corridor

B7 Business Park

Industrial Zones

IN1 General Industrial

IN2 Light Industrial

IN3 Heavy Industrial

IN4 Working Waterfront

Special Purpose Zones

SP1 Special Activities

SP2 Infrastructure

SP3 Tourist

Recreation Zones

RE1 Public Recreation

RE2 Private Recreation

Environment Protection Zones (lower number = higher protection)

E1 National Parks and Nature Reserves

E2 Environmental Conservation

E3 Environmental Management

E4 Environmental Living

Waterway Zones

W1 Natural Waterways

W2 Recreational Waterways

W3 Working Waterways