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USA Gas exploration and the damage of Hydraulic Fracking have resulted in GASLAND
- a chilling and award winnng documentary  by Josh Fox 
GasLand Screening Locations

redubuttonDownload Expanded Media Release &  copies of a few  supporting documents
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redubuttonNSW Planning Locational Guidelines - Development in the Vicinity of Operating Coal Seam Methane Wells
NSW Planning - Land Use Safety Planning July 2008 (guide for Council & planners on zoning around hazardous industry)
Risk Criteria for Land Use Safety Planning Consultation Draft | July 2008
redubutton Apex Energy Discussion Paper.
redubuttonApex Energy Part 3A Application 2007 PDF
Apex Energy Part 3A Appllication 2009 PDF 1.2mb
redubuttonApex Energy Environmental Assessment Report -Part 3A  2009 PDF 5mb
redubutton Apex Energy Environmental Assessment Report -Part 3A  2009 Dharawal passage
redubuttonExtract below from Whitehaven Mining Document on environmental impact and subsidence management
redubuttonDPI Report 'Effects of Land use on Coal Resources 1994' - 'threat' by national parks and conservation areas on coal and gas mining

diagram of coal seam gas mining & aquifer
Following changes made to the Mining Act 1992 in association with the passage of Part 3A of the EP&A Act, project approvals and development consents may now address certain matters which previously could only be covered by conditions of a mining lease. These matters are:
-rehabilitation of land during or after mining;  - preparation of land for mining;    - mining methods; - safety measures; and   - security deposits regarding performance in these matters.

It is therefore important to note that, since July 2005, the Minister for Planning has had power to include conditions in project approvals relating to rehabilitation of land affected by mining.
The Mining Act 1992 permits that underground mining may take place under a mining lease which does not extend all the way to the surface of the land. Most underground mining of coal in the Southern Coalfield takes place on subsurface mining leases, which do not extend to the land surface. The usual exception to this rule is the land around the surface facilities associated with the mine, where a surface mining lease is also obtained. However, coal miners need access to the surface of land for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is prospecting (ie exploration). The Mining Act 1992 permits prospecting operations (including exploration drilling and seismic surveys) to take place above a subsurface lease with the consent of the landholder, with notice to the Director-General of DPI and subject to any security deposit the Director-General may require. The other principal means by which a coal mine operator may gain access to the surface to conduct exploration is to obtain an exploration licence under the Mining Act 1992. Certain additional rights and responsibilities flow from holding an exploration licence, including the requirement to enter into an access arrangement with any affected landholder. All current exploration licences for coal within the Southern Coalfield are shown on Map 3. Following the partial expiry in August 2007 of transitional provisions associated with passage of Part 3A of the EP&A Act, mines which need to establish significant new surface works above a subsurface mining lease (eg construction of a new ventilation shaft), will need to seek project approval under Part 3A of the EP&A Act. They may also require the grant of a mining lease for ‘mining purposes’ under the Mining Act 1992.10

NSW State Environmental Planning Policy (Mining, Petroleum Production & Extractive Industries) 2007 Reg 7

Some Recent Press Articles
>Illawarra Mercury Article on Methane Mining September 20, 2010
>Sydney Morning Herald article by Ben Cubby  -  'Coverup - Secret Plans to Mine Gas September 23
>Sydney  Morning Herald - BenCubby - 'Mine threatens Sydney Water
>Government orders tests after coal gas contamination scare October 20, 2010
>AGL reveals new coal seam gas plan for Macarthur area

Coal Seam Gas Action Groups & Community Groups with concerns on CSG /LNG

Great Artesian Basin Protection Group Inc
Hunter Valley Protection Alliance who are facing a bigger CSG battle
Rivers SOS
Hunter Valley Protection Alliance - photographic documentation on AGL's dumping of 100,000 litres toxic CSG waste water
Video - Liverpool Plains: How the gov't wants to destroy best farm land in Australia
NSW Farmers Associaton
Coalition of Coal & Methane Gas Community Action Groups
Wollombi Valley Against Gas Extraction (
Broke Community Website
Capricorn Conservation Council
Residents protest Coal Seam Exploration - Newcastle
NSW farmers demand halt to all new mining & Opposition won’t rule out moratorium

Coal Seam Gas (CSG &  CSM) Liquid Natural Gas (LNG methane) Exploration Company Websites

ALG - Gloucester Basin
Lucas Drilling & Coal Seam Gas Services
Metagasco Gas Company
Apex Energy
Ormil Energy

CSG exploration Documents on the Dept PrimaryIndustries NSW

Tahmoor Colliery - 10 Borehole Sites May 2009 - Environmental Review
Xstrata Tahmoor Colliery Exploration Borehole CSG  May 2010
AGL Energy - CSG Exploration Currans Hill Campbelltown etc Environmental Review March 2010
Exploration Geothermal Borehole at Bulli-1
AGL Gloucester - Indigenous Arch Assessment May 2009

Shenhua CSG Extension - Newcastle  Gunnedah June 2010
BHPBilliton Illawarra Coal -WestCliff Area borehole 2006
BHP Billiton -Illawarra Coal -CSG Appin May 2008
Ferndale Coal Project Hunter Valley March 2010
Review- Boreholes Weismantel 3, Faulkland 3, Craven 6 - Gloucester
Centennial Coal - drilling Newcastle  May 2009
BHP BilitonIllawarra Coal Appin Cataract January 2009
Narranbri Coal Seam Gas Program GunnedahBasin 2009 Eastern Star gas
Vickery CSG  near Gunnedah/Boggabri 2010
Arrow Energy CSG north NSW
Metgasco CSG - Grafton - Casino
Map of Gas & Petroleum Exploration Highlights in NSW April 2010

In the USA
redubutton'A Colossal Fracking Mess' - Vanity Fair Article on a USA town 'transformed' by Fracking for CSG
redubutton'Know the Drill' - Vanity Fair video on a USA Pennsylvania  town 'transformed' by Fracking for CSG