to further damage by Gujarat NRE Longwall Mining


The proposed longwalls will be extended under our drinking w ater catchment


The Illawarra escarpment is home to critically endangered and iconic native wildlife 


The compounding impact of coal dust on residents' health is unrefuted. 

Gujarat NRE coal mine in Russell Vale north of Wollongong have applied to expand their longwall mining further under our drinking water catchment and conservation lands of the beautiful Illawarra escarpment and subsequently greatly increase the air, noise and coal pollution from the coalmine stock piles and coal trucks.

Please say no to further expansion of longwall mining under our illawarra water catchment by either 

i. lodging an objection directly on the Dept of Planning Major Project wesbite click here 

ii. print out a hard copy of the suggested form letter (click to download) and post it the Dep Of Planning

iii. Fill in the e-form below and we will lodge the submission directly for you


Attention: Director, Mining and Industry Projects
Major Projects Assessment
Department of Planning
GPO Box 39
Sydney NSW 2001

To Whom It May Concern,

Objections to Proposal MP 09_0013

I write to object to the proposal of Gujarat NRE for their Underground Expansion Project MP 09_0013. Some of the reasons for my objection are:

* Longwall coal mining is a listed Key Threatening Process that damages the surface and cracks water courses and swamps, causing water contamination and loss. The proposed mining undermines and threatens Cataract River, Cataract Creek, Lizard Creek, Wallandoola Creek and Cataract Reservoir, a number of upland swamps, including swamps of significance, Endangered Ecological Communities and Threatened Species habitats, major cliff lines and Aboriginal Heritage sites - including a sacred birthing site. The watercourses and swamps to be undermined are an integral part of the Sydney Water Catchment system that supplies Cataract dam. The catchment has already been badly damaged by mining; the limited royalties and jobs do not justify further damage.

* The proposal includes 390 metre longwalls - the widest proposed to date for the Southern Coalfields. Longwalls of this width will result in the loss of surface water.
Single seam subsidence impacts are difficult to predict; the uncertainty is compounded by triple seam mining and this poses unacceptable risks to the catchment. Application of the precautionary principle should be the basis of assessment - and rejection - of this proposal.

* The Russell Vale Colliery is the closest to residential areas of any in the Illawarra. This causes significant public health impacts. New coal storage stockpiles are proposed, with options varying from 315,000 to 840,000 tonnes. These proposed stockpiles would be up to 42m high (or the height of an 11 storey building) and would be located 220m from residences, 375m from a school and 500m from a pre-school. This is an unacceptable development for such a heavily populated area. Moreover, the only exhaust fan from the Wongawilli seam blows pollutants over West Corrimal.

* There is increasing awareness and concern about the health impacts of coal dust. The proponent’s studies only measure particulates down to 10 microns; the Department of Planning and Infrastructure must consider the public health impacts of 2.5 micron particulates and smaller.
The development would result in 682 truck movements daily at peak times on Bellambi Lane and the Northern Distributor, or one truck every 80 seconds, causing unacceptable public health impacts from coal dust, diesel exhaust, noise and traffic congestion.

* GNRE is an unsuitable proponent. It has been responsible for multiple compliance failures, including failing to install subsidence monitoring points before commencing Longwall 4 and destroying tracts of upland swamp vegetation “by accident”. It has demonstrated that it is unable to self-regulate and does not have the investment capital to modernise the mine and colliery infrastructure to acceptable standards. The EA itself is below current standards, comprising documents that date back a number of years.

Yours sincerely,

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