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Re: Call to make Dharawal State Conservation Area a National Park
Dear Ministers,

South of Sydney, and nestled between our major water catchments of Cataract and Woronora, The Dharawal SCA protects the beautiful and ecologically significant swampland, creeks and endangered species at the very start of the Georges River.

The biodiversity of Dharawal and its neighbouring national parkland of Garrawarra,  Heathcote, Royal National Park and Illawarra State Conservation area, is continually being fragmented, undermined and threatened by urban sprawl.

I wish to join with many groups and individuals asking you  to work to get Dharawal State Conservation Area upgraded to Dharawal National Park. As you know, BHP has currently withdrawn its intention to expand longwall mining into the area after a damning report by the Planning and assessment Commission. Now is the time to try to make Dharawal protected from mining impacts for all times, thus saving for all time its upland swamps and a large range of threatened plants and animals including the Giant Burrowing Frog, Broad headed snake and pygmy possum.

Yours faithfully,
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