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Comments to the Australian Government on Coal Seam Gas Exploration :
Karen - Otford NSW
Don't poison our water, we must stop destroying our enviroment for our kids future

Katrina - Quirindi NSW
Let us see TRUE application of principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development and Triple Bottom Line decision making.  Our environment, our landuse and our people will suffer from what is only short term gain. Where are the politicians who will think beyond their own short terms and show leadership for the good of Australia? The people are telling you what is important - LISTEN!!!

Bev - Scone NSW
Please consider re-establishing encouragement for solar technology, and leave the earth, the water and the air alone for a while.  We are rushing like lemmings to the cliff.  Do not fracture rocks for gas, it carries too much risk

Perry - Illawong NSW
With the State Election coming soon, I hope all the politicians are looking at this closely as the electorate certainly is.
Denis- Robertson  NSW
On behalf of the Australian Water Campaigners Inc I wish to voice my opposition to the recent approvals granted by Minister Tony Burke. This is a disaster for the groundwater wherever Coal Seam Gas is being drilled

Gary Schoer - Secretar, National Parks Association (NSW) Southern Sydney Branch
As both a private citizen and Secretary of the Southern Sydney Branch of National Parks Association of NSW I was dismayed to learn in the regional media of effectively secret arrangements between Peabody and a CSG company to explore for coal seam gas on the Illawarra escarpment and at Darkes Forest. These regions would suffer enormously from contaminated waterways and aquifers that nourish a whole range of threatened species in a chain of vegetated lands connecting Royal National Park with reserves further south and west. The mounting evidence within Australia and overseas that fracking destroys water sources is reason alone to have a comprehensive, broad, independent assessment of the process. I personally and our Branch of National Parks Association (NSW) request the premier of NSW and the Australian Environment Minister to support a moratorium on future explorations and development approvals until such an independent investigation occurs. I respectfully respect a substantive reply from all relevant National and State Government leaders and Ministers. If BHP can "see the light" on its damaging proposals to undermine hundreds of upland swamps that threatened Dharawal State Conservation Area and our southern Sydney and Illawarra drinking water catchments through longwall mining, this must surely provide the state government with the moral courage to halt proposals that, on broad recent historic and environmental evidence, further threaten our catchments and aquifers.

Page Coulson -   NSW
 I cannot believe in this year 2010 we are considering putting our water and fertile land at risk by drilling yet again for fossil fuels.
Don't you think it is time we stat thinking for ourselves as a country and not be ruled by corporations both on our soil and off?
Australia is the driest continent in the world yet we seem to think it is okay to destroy her aquifers, not too mention her food belts. I do not live in America, South America,Indonesia, China,etc. I do not want to see or buy my produce from  overseas. I want to buy what is grown here and so do the vast majority of Australians.
You elected officials owe us a duty of care. You are not doing a very good job of it are you?
Perhaps it is time to start listening to the people in your electorates and go beyond your limited  mindset.
Let's be adventuresome and explore alternatives which will make Australia a great example to follow not mock

Sue- Blackville  NSW
With all the controversy regarding the Murray Darling Basin plan surely the Government has realised that water and land for food production are the crucial resources we all need to survive.
Why therefore are we experimenting with procedures such as fraccing when we don't know the effects on our water or land?
How are farmers expected to double their food production for a growing population by 2025 without water and land??
Where is the common sense in all this?
Let's have a moratorium on coal seam gas and liquid natural gas mining in Australia and debate all the issues instead of this utter madness of rushing in for the dollars without proper consideration of all the pitfalls.
(From a very concerned landholder on the Liverpool Plains NSW where unbelievably, coal and coal seam gas mining are being considered on arguably the best agricultural land in Australia.)Utter madness!! 

Pamela- Bulli  NSW
What has happened to commonsense? Surely any exploration method which has a great chance of contaminating our water supply should not be allowed. Please stop this madness now.

Malcom- Mona Vale  NSW
Fracking is an environmental nightmare that must be stopped.

Susan- Helensburgh  NSW
Let's learn from our previous mistakes, not make new ones

Peter Firminger- Wollombi Valley Against Gas Extraction, Hunter Valley Protection Alliance, Coalition of Coal & Methane Gas Community Groups
Please understand that this isn't all about the environment. Why we are against this is more about the people on the land that are affected by this filthy industry with absolutely no morals, and no regulation. Of course the environment is also important but it's the way it's done, that the gas companies don't have to acquire the land but can do what they like regardless of the wisheds of the land owner... UNLIKE Coal Mines who must acquire the land they screw up.

Please make the same rules apply to ALL mining including Coal Seam Gas and Underground Coal Gasification.

We need to halt this until it (the Fracking process) can be made safe and the legislation (hopefully a Federal Act) makes it safe by forcing it away from people, prime agriculture/viticulture and water resources. There's plenty of gas reserves away from people. Do it there and stop destroying families, agribusinesses and communities.

It's only a matter of time before someone in southern Queensland puts a gun to either their own head, or someone elses.

Prudence- Quirindi  NSW
It is a very worrying situation when the environment, which is a vital part of the future for all of us, is disregarded for the mighty dollar.

Terrance- Helensburgh  NSW
There should have been broad community consultation before coal seam gas exploration was allowed. Also this industry is additional to the coal industry and both will result in increasing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. We should be cutting back both these industries if we want clean air

Anthony- Summerland Point  NSW
Our water catchments and farmlands are our most precious assets with the onset of Climate Change.These must stay in Australian ownership,and be protected by our State and Federal Governments in the interests of Intergenerational Equity.

Murray- Gloucester  NSW
I fear for the future when a company can come in and inject toxic chemicals into our water supply, potentially contaminating the water below the ground, and when the water emerges as a by product of the gas extraction process it may contain these chemicals thus potentially corrupting surface water supplies. Is the science in place to deal with this??? Would you like to be living with these risks?

David- Tambar Springs  NSW
Am absolutly dumbfounded that politicians both state & at federal level have sur-comed to pressure by minning companies involved in coal seam gas extraction when this process has not been ratified & there are valid concerns about it's relationship to underground water & aquifers,especially considering the concern & debate raging about the Murray-Darling Basin. Surely a moratorium on this csg industry @ present would be prudient as well as best practice & any other decision would deem to be both ill-advised & certainly poorly researched!!!

Megan- Watanobbi NSW
If you insist on only thinking in monetary terms, start adding up the long term costs of the decisions you make. We stand to lose much more than your coffers will gain. Personally, I want my children to have a country that is worth living in and able to be lived in, not just a great big filthy mined hole.

Andrew - Katoomba  NSW
Global warming, land degradation and freshwater challenges haveAustralia on track for our own food security to become a major issue.  In this context, it is foolish (evil?) to allow corporate interests to destroy prime farmland and water supplies forever.
Coal seam gas production is destroying parts of Susquehanna County in Pennsylvania where I grew up. There is enough experience around the world to know that we should not be doing it here.

Sutherland Shire Environment Centre  NSW
Sutherland Shire  is opposed to any coal seam gas extractiion in the Woronora catchment area as well as to any other CSG extraction that can have a detrimental effect on the environment, particularly our waterways and wetlands.

Peter- Mittagong NSW
The epitome of LYING & DECEIVING BASTARDS are you lot.  On one hand CO2 is the demon, but on the other you bastards do nothing to cease / reduce the archaic practice.  It is irresponsible, reprehensible, and morally corrupt for YOU people to continue a practice that is supposedly destroying our planet, but more importantly, the very real and permanent damage most types of coal mining does to landforms and aquifers.  A POX on you all for supporting it in the first place.   No wonder you don't want people to have guns!  PC

Lena- Otford NSW
Given the controversy surrounding this technology, the high media profile of the issue and in particular the fact that companies involved in this technology themselves work hard to distance themselves from the issue publicly, and given the potential enormous impact on our natural environment I expect my political representative to as a minimum allow any exploration proposal to got through a rigorous assessment process including a community consultation

Ray- Corrimal NSW
Sustainable economic growth that promotes and protects the environment and lifestyle of the existing population is the NOW & FUTURE PARADIGM for employment and investment.
Political Governance has to strongly oppose spurious wealth and employment creation that advocates serious resource extraction and bricks and mortar development.DO IT NOW AND GIVE LEADERSHIP IN GENUINE REFORM AND NOT DEGENERATIVE SOCIAL ENGINEERING

Hamish- Noosa Heads QLD
Like the Hunter Valley and the Darling Downs this issue is not going to go away as long as CSG and its impacts threaten rural communities with environmental degradation and toxic illness.

R- Mullaley  NSW 
CSG industry = Huge amouts of salinated waste water with unknown contaminates from drilling fluids and no satisfactory proven way of disposing of them safely? No thanks. Inevitable damage to deep and interconnected aquifers from the process of 'Fracking' which could be impossible to predict or control. Farmland devalued and destroyed. Not to mention the hypocrisy of the MDB plan restricting agriculture accessing underground water but Mining and CSG industries given carte blanche to do whatever they wish with no restrictions. This is so wrong, all for corporate greed. Food is more important than coal or gas. Why not spend more money developing sustainable energy sources such as solar and wind power? Think of the future (further than one political term) and stop this madness now.

Trevor  -Stanwell Park NSW
To whom it may be of concern... hydraulic fracturing to extract greater levels of gas.. in my back yard is NOT ON. TO APPROVE THIS, IS GROSS IGNORANCE... AND/OR CORRUPTION.There plenty of resources available without sacrificing the water supply.. NO ONE HAS THAT RIGHT!!!  and it any of you think it is ok... then go away now, and get educated.

Anna -Marrickville NSW
I vigorously object to the Part 3A approval process, that allows big corporations to apply directly to State Govt and bypass any local planning and government bodies such as councils; the Part 3A process is NOT transparent and is subject to corruption; the Part 3A process effectively restricts community consultation and feedback in to developments that intimately affect the community's environment and quality of life. I strenuously oppose the use of CSG exploration until guaranteed measures of protection for the environment are ensured; that a comprehensive environmental impact study is conducted and shared with the community; that these exploration and extraction activities are monitored by a PROVEN INDEPENDANT BODY that can enforce satisfactory and fully punitive fines for any non compliance. Our farming, conservation and water catchments lands MUST BE PROTECTED for the benefit of the entire community, not just for the financial benefit of huge multi-national corporations, and preserved in trust for the future generations of Australians. I demand the removal of the pro-developer Part 3A approval laws, and insist on the immediate cessation of any CSG exploration or extraction. I grew up in the Sutherland Shire, and am very familiar and fond of the south and dread to imagine it turned in to a waste land, with poisoned water and degraded farm and bush land. Your urgent attention to this matter is appreciated, and a prompt response with your plan of action is fully expected

John  -Auburn Vale Park NSW
The State Planning Department needs to thoroughly research and promulgate the likely total impact of the 50+ year life-cycle of gas field development  This will include the techniques to be employed to perpetuate CSG extraction (eg. density and diameter of holes to be drilled; fraccing); logistical and production infrastructures for same; and formation water management over time.  Other matters of vital importance to be considered over the 50+ year period (being the CSG company ROI), include drilling skills, techniques and qualifications; groundwater monitoring programmes (especially piezometer nests and water quality testing).  The Department must produce a series of time-based maps that convey all such information as the gas field evolves over time.

Lorraine  -Moss Vale NSW
 I will  refuse to vote for any Political Party or individual in any future election, which puts greed before consideration of the environment and the people who will be directly affected by mining using methods which have proved to have a  disasterous effect on water sources and the land. When are politicians going to admit that the next world battles will be fought for water and productive ,food growing soil. Wake up and look to the future, not the short term monetary gains.

Rob -NSW
Coal Extraction 21 poisonous chemicals 9 of those will give you cancer.Coal seam gas they say 50% cleaner than coal but still 50% dirty come clean...

Paola - Alpha QLD
 In a recent radio program ( Professor Richard Kingsford, New South Wales wetlands expert stated 'All of the long-term data in many of our major irrigation systems show that in bore holes, water levels in groundwater are dropping. There is data from the late '80s to present day that shows systems like the Macquarie dropping up to 1 or 2 metres, the Lachlan up to 10 metres in places, the Namoi up to 7 metres. So whilst they are being replenished, you can think of it as a bouncing tennis ball. Eventually it's going to stop. Inevitably we are mining it, we are taking it away, it won't be there for future generations. It won't be able to replenish in our lifetimes, our children's lifetimes or probably our grandchildren's lifetimes for those aquifers that are a long way from the river and are in the drier parts of our continent'.

Carolyn- Gymea  NSW
I am sure it has all been said before.  The Government knows how dangerous this can be to the environment, especially water.

Patrick- Heathcote  NSW
 Please stop allowing our rivers to be 'cracked'

Graham - Muswellbrook  NSW
No environment means no economy so why spend all this time thinking gas is a transition fuel when it's not and we as a nation could show we are smart and go straight from coal to renewable energy sources.

Kathe - Wedderburn  NSW
Like most things we've done since 1788 this madness will come back to bite us, and like cane toads and other delights it will be too late to stop it unless some really courageous political/legislative and constitutional decisions are made. This old and special country is being raped by our rapacious unsustainable needs – and this  not just bleeding heart hyperbole

Robyn - Canowindra  NSW
Not ANY use -as I see it- if the coffers are in the black and yet our water is undrinkable/unusable. I think the coal companies scream too much -to paraphrase Shakespear .  

Celia - Helensburgh  NSW
What are you people in power doing! Money now-  but huge long term degradation !!!!!

Scott - Lillian Rock   NSW
Pls remember that there is no profit on a dead planet. Plan for your/our grandchildren

John - Wybong   NSW
CSG produced by Hydraulic Fracturing is too dangerous to the aquifers of our water supply and human health to permit.  Energy produced by the method has 98% of the footprint as coal fired power.

Peter - Mossvale   NSW
You have no idea of what the community needs and wants, you don't consult, you don't properly plan, you don't take good advice, and you think the environment can take care of itself

Mick - Helensburgh   NSW
the people in the illawarra area do not want gas exploration to polute the area and i bet you would not want it in your area either.  mick carroll

Meredith - Billys Ck   NSW
Australia's resource/mining boom is not good for regional water catchments, agriculture, farmers and food security, or indigenous peoples rights.
The CSG industry has been forced on rural landowners, without adequate consultation, environmental safeguards or benefits to local communities.
In fact, CSG developments are equally damaging to local rural communities as coal mining, forestry and natural disasters.
Please suspend all CSG projects and implement environmentally sound planning policies to protect our nation's agricultural land and ensure our water catchments are protected
Michael- Austinmer   NSW
are you mad?

Olivia- Wallabadah   NSW
There must be some logic put to work on CSG exploration - how can we leave the land raped when for some thought and care and LESS GREED, everyone can feel that a solution has been reached not a monstrous GRAB for short term gain.

Robert -Quirindi   NSW
 Coal seam gas mining dewaters the lower alluvial rock and gravel strata.The earths gravitational pull moves the more pure groundwater to lower toxic strata.An evolutionary process taking millions of years is destroyed.A sustainable clean water supply for towns,cities and agriculture will be ruined permanently.Coal Seam Gas extraction is pure evil!

Jenny- Helensburgh  NSW
not enough time to assess all problems which might be associateed with this exploration

Gerry- Gunnedah  NSW
All the more reason to protect Australia's resources both above and below ground, until such time as present actions can be shown not to prejudice the health of future generations

Christine- Helensburgh  NSW
I cannot understand why the government is putting at risk our most valuable resource, water, by allowing any mining to take place underneath water catchement areas. The government seems to be focusing on the short term gain, tha tis the money it resourceves from mining companies which undertake these activities, rather than focusing on the potential disasterous consequences which can occur with this type of mining.

Martin- Loomberah NSW
I fully support the call for far more research into the possible environmental impacts of gas extraction.The haste with which this is being allowed to go ahead is totally irresponsible.

Judith- Helensburgh NSW
Think beyond now, and hold a future for our kids on the land. The gas was always there and god put is there for a reason, not for money

Karen- Otford NSW
Look after our childrens future.....

Marie- Richmind NSW
How about you .. our elected representatives what you are paid for ... that being to carry out the wishes of the Australian people.It is obvious the Australian people do not want our farming industry destroyed because of incomplete studies to extract gas. SO EARN YOUR KEEP POLITICIANS.. AND HELP OUR FARMERS INSTEAD OF DESTROYING THEM!!

Bob- Coffs Harbour  NSW
Get rid of 3A approvals- I ddnot vote for them and neither did any of the voters. How about the people having the same rights as the big companies.Governments should represent the people not only the oligarchs> How about we have the swiss system of voting by referendum..

Joseph- Figtree  NSW
Water catchment areas have the highest degree of protection from pollution and disturbances, one is not even allowed to walk through them. Rightly so, we all need water. Putting a mine into/near such areas that will spread pollutants into drinking water is a sharp deviation from this protection policy. No amount of dollars earned from these activities can justify destruction of our water supplies. The positive financial effects will be eroded soon, yet erosion of the precious environments capable of supplying healthy drinking water will stay with us forever.

Emma- Helensburgh  NSW
When will we finally make an ethical stand and prevent the exploitation of this beautiful land we call home.  The natives of this country lived for many years with little change to this beautiful landscape - Let's show our kids and generations to come how it's done.  Let's think a little outside the square.  Let's put our thinking caps on and lead the world in an alternative way of getting thins done

Rod (B.App.Sci)- Quirindi  NSW
With several distinct fresh water aquifers layered above the coal seams in our region (Liverpool Plains)de-pressurising the seam for the release of the gas will create a lower pressure void beneath the aquifer. The Gas company will then be relying on an aquitard (an impervious layer of clay or rock)to prevent millions of tonnes of fresh water entering the void. Testing the uniformity and soundness of the aquitard is nearly impossible (expensive). The leak could be quite slow and not detected for several years after the company has gone. It is not a matter of will they do damage, its just a matter of how much damage they will do!

Karen- Otford  NSW
I live in a water catchment area on the edge of a beautiful national park - it is crazy that this is being contemplated and the community is being kept in the dark.

Karen- Helensburgh  NSW
This is a disaster for the groundwater wherever Coal Seam Gas is being drilled. Please don't poison our water, we must stop destroying our enviroment for our kids future and there kids future.

Sandy - Stanwell Tops  NSW
There must be a comprehensive study to evaluate ANY damage to the environment & the possibility of contaminating our drinking water.

Ben Walsh - Kanahooka  NSW
To whom it may concern, We here in Australia are blessed to have great alternative power sources. The need to continue drilling and eroding our beautiful country side for the benefits of few are secondary to the health and well-being of mother nature, our life source and provider. Let us help you guys maintain the balance for future generations to come. Let Australia be a forward thinking nation and be a role model for the rest of the world- thanks & best regards.

Karin - Helensburgh  NSW
I just want to ask you to think about your answer to the following question Do think F--CKING is OK ???
I saw the GASLAND movie and I've been on the internet to research FRACKING a little further. 
I now understand the how, what, when and where of FRACKING and even WHY its done (money,profit,energy security whatever?) but cannot for the life of me understand ...
Why we allow it !
Why we need it ! 
Why we risk it !  
I'm disgusted, I'm upset and absolutely sickened that companies can be allowed to threaten our basic right to clean water and can pollute unchecked. To pump poisons into the ground anywhere is criminal but next to water catchment areas, not to mention the potential added Bush Fire risk of Methane gas pockets leaking above ground is unbelievably irresponsible.  For me the conclusion is simple: IT IS NOT OK. 
Its not OK that they are doing on the planet and its not OK that they have approval to do it in 15 sites in the Illawarra.I'd like to know how many other people also would conclude that IT IS NOT OK if they knew even the most basic facts.  I am really shocked by what I have just learnt and while asking 'Is F--CKING OK' might seem a little offensive I find the practice of FRACKING a lot more offensive.

Lorraine - Moss Vale  NSW
Additional_comment: to all elected members of parliment and to the ministers responsible for the care of our precious environment.

Christopher Gladwell - Stanwell Tops  NSW
Water is the source of all life. The quality of water has a direct affect on the health of all that rely on it. Any process that can possibly effect the quality of a natural water supply in any way cannot be allowed to proceed unless there is a 100% guarantee that there is absolutley no chance of the water supply being effected by the process being undertaken or any possible side effect known or unknow as a result of the process being undertaken. Anything out of control of the process that has an effect on the process that the process cannot control or is aware of must also be taken into account. Hindsight in this case is not acceptable. Immediate prevention of the process in all forms unless a 100 percent guarantee that no living entity be it man, flora or fauna will suffer in any way is the only outcome I can accept as a member of the community that whose well being you have been elected to care for. This process cannot be continued in any form until a consensus is reach b!
 y all members of the community, government and interested parties


Kade - Thirroul  NSW
Dear Public Servants - I urge you to only consider and promote Renewable Energy sources for the future. Methane Gas is not renewable. It is a dangerous 'Pandora's Box' you will be opening by allowing CSG to go ahead in Australia. It is our basic right to have clean water and clean air. They are our most precious 'free' resources. It is the Government's duty to protect them

Robyn - Kurnell  NSW
I don’t trust any EIS or whatever you call them.  These ‘experts’ are paid by the govt to give them what they want to hear and it’s just not right.  Indigenous lands, farmers, their land, our land, water catchments, the environment and our future deserve better than this. Why is there one rule for govt who invents these laws and another for the populace who elect them? When my children grow into adults what will be left for them?  Shares in the mining industry or a wasted environment?  There must be a balance and this is not it.  What legacy are you going to leave?

Heath -  Tooraweenah   NSW
The informal "NSW CSG Group" is meeting today in Broke to discuss the formation of an Alliance.
The Tooraweenah CSG Group will make a statement over the weekend whether it will form this Alliance. The Tooraweenah Group aims to protect landowners and the land for many generations to come from the CSG Industry.

Judy -  NSW
The water everyone on Earth drinks reaches every cell in the body.  If the water is contaminated, that same water with impurities will reach every cell in the body, also.

Donna - Arkansas USA
I live in Arkansas in the United States of America.  They have drilled and fracked 800 feet from my house and my water turned grey and smelling.  The water, once abundant, dissipated as well.  The air was also laden with toxins, and it we were forced inside.  The noise was torturous and we are so afraid.  My husband has endured the most exposure and has suffered sudden hearing loss and other severe symptoms.  Please do not ruin your own water supply.  It's irreplacable

Debbi -  QLD
Wake up before its too late!!!.

Robert - Stanwell Park NSW
Whilst coal seam gas extraction might well be a source of future sound energy requirements, not enough is known at the present time to allow continuing development.

Denis - Robertson NSW
 I have recently attended a meeting in the Hunter Valley of many affected communities. The "Gas Business" is out of control. It needs to be stopped in its tracks before too much irreparable damage is done to groundwater, rivers to arable land, and important natural environments.
Minister Burke, you have not yet replied to my previous personal correspondence in response to your approvals in Queensland. When will you reply?

Ewald - Helensburgh NSW
Natural gas (Methane) is a very potent greenhouse gas and a major contributor to climate change. The way forward is not to exploit another fossil fuel. The Gasland documentary clearly shows what a disaster this is in the USA. We shoud be looking to renewable energy as presented by leading Australian scientists in

Daryl - Newtown NSW
 have been keeping up to date with this issue. It is only going to get bigger because it is so destructive. It has the potentiality to bring down governments as it will damage the environments and towns and they will not go down alone. I felt anger, fear and pain when I watched the documentary "Gasland" and came to understand the same processes are being used here by the gas industry and the governments are acting the same with a head in the sand approach.We tell the children to look after the world. While many of the adults are busy destroying it. No wonder so many adolescents are full of rage and resort to drugs to bury their anger. Which can lead them to depression and suicide. Please I beg of you to protect our world from such destructive practices. I request a satisfactory response to this email

Lauren - Enmore NSW
"Hydraulic fracking has had disasterous consequences on drinking and agricultural water supplies in the United States. We have the opportunity to avoid making their mistake. The NSW gov't need to put a moratorium on CSG mining."

Chris-Otford NSW
 I have seen the movie "Gas Lands" and I am concerned with the type of effects shown but  I am also concerned with the sofar-unseen effects of environmental damage due to contaminants  escaping into our undergroung waterways. These contaminants may take time to be noticed due to difficulty monitoring (even if monitoring is to be carried out). I believe that clean water is more important than the energy provided by gas extraction using the concoction of chemicals exposed by one determined individual against powerfull companys hiding the full story from everyone

Neil - Nowra NSW
Are we completely insane? we can't drink gas!

Bruce - Wards River NSW
Dear Sir/Madam,
There are too many dangers to the environment, including gas migration, which is rarely mentioned. We need to treat our most precious resource, water, as precious, and safegaurd its integrity. If "Water Wars" are our destined future, we'd best have a good arsenal with which to defend our future, not squandor it in a rush for temorary wealth.
Security of both Agriculture and Water are truly noble causes that are intergenerational. I urge you not to be an advocate for such irresponsibility, and to protect your constituents from the inevitable harm that is about to befall them if this push for unconventional coal seam gas extraction is allowed to continue.

Lewis  - Buff Point NSW
I'm concerned about the aquifers, groundwater and rivers becoming polluted and also that the soil may become contaminated with gas, as well as ges  escaping into the atmosphere. Another concern is during extraction and delivery by pipeline, there is a risk of explosion.

Anne  - Coonamble NSW
The GAB mound springs are protected under the EPBC Act - (indeed, the whole GAB must surely be of National significance, and should be protected under the EPBC Act too) - yet over 1,000 natural springs, mound springs, and associated groundwater dependant ecosystems have been lost already.  Despite this, the govt's keep rubber stamp approving all new gas and mining projects, without a thought for the destruction of our most vital national resource, the Great Artesian Basin.

Great Artesian Basin Protection Group - Coonamble  NSW
The GAB is the greatest national resource Australia has, and has supplied us with water for over a century.  But the GAB water is finite, and is rapidly running out.  Water is the single non-negotiable essential for life, and we live in the driest inhabited continent on earth.  How can you be destroying our one national freshwater reserve, to export some gas and make multinationals rich?  What about Australia, and the future of the people who rely on the GAB for their very existence??

Jess - Wombarra  NSW
There is absolutely no reason - other than the profits of energy companies - to expand gas mining and use. Gas mining is dangerous; using gas as an energy fuel releases carbon into the atmosphere; and the technology to transition to renewables is ready to go, and is being rolled out around the world, particularly in Germany, Spain and the US.

Carol - Stanwell Park  NSW
Lack of transparency of process is most concerning. Strict environmental controls must be employed and in any environmentally sensitive areas leases should not even be considered!

Rosemary- Quirindi  NSW
Please protect the prime farming country of the Liverpool Plains - we must think of the future

Tony- Narrabri   NSW
When is the NSW Government going to make Eastern Star Gas fully accountable for its actions in taht Eastern Star Gas has been granted permission to discharge Coal Seam water , after traetment , onto the Southern Recharge of the Great Artesian Basin that has more than four (4) times the levels of Salts than what is already there . This fact has been established by the Namio CMA in their recient water Analysis of the are , and in 2006 Eastern Star Gas carried out four water analysis in the Bibblewindi State Forest and published the results in an REF Http:// -Project---Narrabri.pdf-2009-06-05 . There are other REF's to look at , these being Dewhurst8 with a discharge levl of 200ppm and an existing level of only 85ppm and Tintsfield with a discharge level of 500 ppm . Eastern Star Gas has contributed to the cap and pipe scheme , but only to look good for raising the 'salt' l!  evels in the area it operates and that is The Southern Recharge of the Great Artesian Basin.  Good one Eastern Star Gas and the NSW Government,and especialy Ian Macdonald former MLA

Verlene- SA
When is enough going to be enough?  Can we please leave something other than massive holes in the ground and polluted or dead river systems for our grandchildren?!!

Timothy - Benowa Qld
It is NOW the time to seriously protect our environment (water, air, soil, oceans),for our own sake and the future generations. No major new developments should be allowed without full impact studies and community consensus. Governments are for the people. "Economic growth at all costs" is not sustainable.

Amanda - Limeburners Creek  NSW
ICSG needs to be stopped immediately.  Whether the company has been given approval under a mining lease or an exploration lease.  When will people that approve companies like the coal seam gas, methane gas industry realise this is not a clean alternative to coal.  This industry is based on desk top analysis and hypotheticals.  Government that authorise companies like AGL Gas and other gas companies to operate are giving approval for the air, water, land, people, animals, environment to be like the very real examples we see with sick, dying and dead people and animals in America from this industry and in QLD where they already have problems, very real problems that will only excalate as more and more, thousands and thousands of gas wells are drilled, thousands of swimming pools of fraccing chemicals and acids are drilled into the ground.
The environmental damaged from this industry is already showing its self to be a reality.  Stop is from becoming a form of 'Russian Rulet where these companies are given a loaded gun by the government/approvals to poison slowly'.  What is it like to hold in your hands the health of the Australian people in each state and territory, the environment's air, water sources, food growing land, bushland & animals health?   Stop looking at the dollars and start using your thinking of a long lasting clean society, where our precious drinking water is not polluted by this industry or any other, where swamps, creeks and rivers are not dug up/diverted, discharged into or in AGL Gas's case and other mining companies spruking "minimal, insignificant or unlikely impact is a lie! throughout AGL Gas's their Environmental Assessment "trench/divert creeks" and "bore under rivers", then cement the bedrock back.... all the while writing in their Environmental Assessment that they are causing "minimal, insignificant or unlikely impact", What an Outrage!  Mining companies do permanent damage, destroy everything they dig up, creeks, aquifers, swamps, rural land, bushland habitat, towns/villages & river systems, air quality, water quality, and it sure as heck will not be something that any of you should be proud about when our valley is wiped off the 'face of the earth'.  Spare a thought when you are responsible for forcing this type of mining industry on the people & environment in the first place.
Enough is enough!, methane gas, is not the answer to reducing coal usage..... its just brought another dirty polluting player to the table.... then there is nuclear scratching around too which are best left in the ground and not tampered with in the first place.  Keep these fossil fuels in the ground, use the sun, and in area where it is possible use wind/water turbines to produce electricity and above all encourage people to be self sufficient and its time Government stops counting all the dollars missed if people take themselves part or completely off the grid.  Thats true Democracy! Thats a better Australia than the skin deep Democracy we are in and the every escalating Dictatorship we are becoming.

Daryl  - Newtown NSW
"Natural Gas" from a very unnatural dangerous process. This method  of Gas  extraction from coal seams by injecting water and chemicals including toxic and carcinogenic compounds to turn the coal into a gas is a huge threat to human and environmental health. Get informed people and save your planet or step aside and let these capitalist extremist have their way at our expense.

Margaret - Chapel Hill QLD
Our water is our most precious resource without which we cannot live. We are so lucky to have uncontamined water (so far) in this country. Let's keep it that way!

Cheryl - Helensburgh NSW
What a disgrace!!!! One of the oldest national parks will be destroyed once again for greedy power companies!
I wonder if it was in their backyard if they would be doing the same.. maybe they should go and see the movie GASLAND or actually visit the places in America that have had people becoming sick...What Idiots!!! does our GOVT do any reseach on anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carol - Cunnamulla QLD
How do we know that CSG will NOT affect the GAB.  If this happens then inland Australia will die. Where do all those people go and who will oversee what is left?????

Robin - Forbesdale NSW
When mining starts to encroach on rural communities, such as is happening in Gloucester, which enjoy a good mix of agriculture, tourism, establishment of new businesses, lifestyle of people who wish to enjoy a quiet rural retirement, then Governments have a problem.  Most of the groups who have emerged over the past 18 months see the balance is tipping the other way.  They will vote accordingly, as we will.  We are being dismissed by Government Ministers as nuisances.  We are not radicals, we want to leave to our children and grandchildren, the same wonderful country we have grown up in, not one that has sold out to foreign countries, who see the value of our agricultural land.  Coal and gas won't last forever but the land will.  Government now needs to listen to people who see the need to keep good workable land for future agricultural use.  We need good people in Government, like our forefathers who work for the future of Australia not just for the present. We need mining, too but in areas which are now being exploited

Mark - NSW

Michelle - NSW

Mark - NSW

Chris- Helensburgh NSW

Alison- Stanwell Park NSW

Ben- Kanahooka NSW
Lets make Australia a dynamic nation and move forward with new and current technologies. These are available now to take us out of the coal and gas era and into renewable, sustainable power sources and jobs! Just look up Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) and read their fully costed report. It's a great step in the right direction!

Shan- Aldershot Qld
Hi, Given that the coal seam gas mining processes have proven to be harmful in numerous circumstances, to human health and the environment, it would be wise to put human health and the environment ahead of monetary gain, for the sake of future generations.  The Earth is not ours to destroy, it is theirs to inherit, so we need to show some decency so that this generation does not go down in history as the ones who greedily destroyed all that was good in nature.

Dee- Aitkenvale Qld
These companies will poison the water with the BTEX group chemicals -- benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes ... just like the early settlers did with poisoning the water sources the Aborigines used, but with different chemicals ... it's another land grab to force people off the land for the benefit of multinational corporations!

Cath- Mangerton NSW 
A precautionary approach to coal seam gas & liquid natural gas will ensure our ground water and soil are preserved

Jorge- Hunter Valley  Protection Alliance NSW 
Coal seam methane gas is not  "the clean, green, transitional fuel of the future". It may be dirtier the coal. See: WHAT WE NEED IS A REAL FUTURE ENERGY PLAN FOR AUSTRALIA AND NO SPIN!

Dave- Tambar springs,   NSW 
leadership both state & federal with this issue leaves alot to be desired , to the point of criminality, with both legislation & approvals crossing sound precautionary practice, I hope these politians involved relise they will be remembered for either incomprehenciable stupidy or corrupution

Sue- Blackville,   NSW 
This assault by the Government on productive agricultural farming land has got to cease!!  There are obviously huge risks and flaws in CSG extraction (go and see the movie "Gaslands") which need to be addressed and the industry seriously needs scientific scrutiny and public debate. Most Governments in the world today would be wise enough to see that our future relies on our basic resources-food and water. Why are you not doing all you can to legislate to set aside and protect these fundamental human requirements? Your eyes seem to be set solely on the dollars from mining royalties and you all live in a "virtual" world of make believe and need a reality check!! Place yourselves down the track a few years into the future and give some thought as to the legacy you will be leaving your children and grandchildren IF Coal Seam Gas extraction is given the OK to proceed. What will you say to them and family and friends when the inevitable happens and we will not be able to grow healthy uncontaminated food????

Rosemary- Quirindi  NSW   
CSG extraction will destroy the catchment areas of the Murray -Darling Basin.  Our aquifers on the Liverpool Plains must be protected.  Farmers and communities must be protected from the impacts on health and environment.  Our ability to source clean food and water must not be impaired

Neil -Willow Tree NSW   
Use some common sense and save the beautiful cropping areas of Australia; there are so few of them!  Abandon coal (and it's associated by-products), and use the money wisely to establish solar and wind generation, which are environmentally friendly.  Coal mining in prime cropping areas will destroy forever these lands, whereas sustainable farming practises will see these lands producing quality food for thousands of years!

Justin -Willow Tree NSW   
Is there any minister or government official with the guts, foresight or vision,to stand tall to protect the future of our nation and state?. Stop looking only as far as the next election and start looking to the next generations.

Samantha NSW   
Toxic chemicals are deadly,its proven. DEADLY! This means people die! Whats is not to understand!

Judith-Bulga  NSW   
It is ridiculous and shameful to embrace a tecnology that "cuts and runs" after 15 years leaving the soils defaced and useless, uses gigalitres of precious water and spews out the noxious "used" water and, though burned emits less CO2 that coal, the unburnt gas which can escape is 22times more CO2! And so it goes! Stop it now!

Alan -Broke  NSW   
Urgent action required to halt AGL destroying the Lower Hunter vineyards and tourism with CSG exploration and total lack of community consultation.

Rob -Willow Tree NSW   
There are enough question marks over this form of Gas Production,especially on Australia's BEST farming country-even in the US it isn't on their best farmland!!

Kim - Broke NSW   
I would also like to note that the QLD state government is now making CSG companies treat produces water as part of their licencing conditions. This is not a viable solution! Many of the toxins present in the produced water CANNOT be removed by reverse osmosis: the carbon and hydrogen molecules (basic hydrocarbon chemistry) are smaller than the water molecules, which have to be passed through the membranes to remove the salinity! (Also, if the fracking fluid constituents are NOT known, how can one test to ensure that the water is "clean" of the full range of contaminants?) To quote from the Toowoomba City Council website: "Given its close contact with coal and gas, CSG water would be expected to contain hydrocarbons, including polyaromatic hydrocarbons, or PAHs, that are known to be carcinogenic. Water associated with coal and/or gas seams is also known to contain elevated concentrations of radionuclides including radium, uranium and radon. It appears tha t no studies have been done to determine the actual concentrations of these contaminants in the water in question."
I also note that companies such as Arrow Energy are using the CSG "recycled" water to irrigate fodder crops. This is setting a dangerous precedent, given that many contaminants cannot be removed from the produced water - the carcinogenic hydrocarbons in particular. I know that AGL is planning to irrigate fodder crops in the Hunter Valley if their PPL is approved. These contaminants will not only get into the food chain, but also into drinking water supplies. This is unspeakably WRONG on these grounds alone.

Beverley NSW   
As we have only tank water, and live in an area which normally has a low rainfall, we rely on the back-up groundwater from our well. Our future is grim, if toxins enter our ground supply through the process of fracturing for gas is allowed

Juanita NSW   
The precautionary principle must be applied to the coal and coal seam gas industries. If you don't know the impacts, you don't go. The current process of the companies using consultants to perform the Enivronmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is flawed as the consultant is biased to provide their 'client' with an assessment that gets the Development Application over the line. The consultants essentially produce 'adversarial' science and they are not held accountable for the predictions in the EIA that are incorrect. There is no alternative to water and fertile soils. There are alternatives to coal and coal seam gas as energy sources. The government needs to focus their energies on these alternative sources and stop raping the resources of Australia for a few dollars.

Richard - Mullaley NSW   
In addition I do not want my land used as a waste dump for CO2 gasses

Brian - Dunedoo  NSW     
Ideas of a Pipeline from Narrabri to Wellington should not be entertained because of the alluvial black soil farming areas that would be put at risk on the Liverpool plains and Coolah/Dunedoo floodplains

Brett - Mullaley NSW     
It seems that virtually every populous country in the world is taking food security and sustainability very seriously except Australia. China,the Arab Nations and India most notably are keen to have a secure food supply for their people and are buying farm land in Australia for that very purpose.The politicians in Australia are blissfully ignorant of the fact that this country is already importing food and that the years of natural largess of excess production have drawn to a close.The area of very fertile land that has good rainfall and underlying irrigation supply in Australia is very limited, to even consider putting future food production in these areas under threat of real disruption and destruction beggars belief. I support an indefinite moratorium on further exploitation of coal seam gas in these areas.

Robert - Woollahra   NSW     
We need to protect the productivity of the State's prime agricultural land, such as the Liverpool Plains, for generations to come.

James -Lindfield, NSW     
I am deeply concerned about the insatiable push from the mining industry with regards to Coal Seam Gas extraction. We are placing at risk the health and productive food capacity of our country for what is once off revenue today. What lies below the earth has been there for millions of years - we should be in no rush to use CSG without understanding what that can do to underground water supplies, and future farming productivity. This is a matter of deep concern - we owe it to the generations that follow us. The world population is expanding - Australia has the best resource we could dream of having, and that is highly productive farming land that will produce year after year after year. To risk that for a once extraction of gas is highly irresponsible.

Murdo - Tambar springs   NSW     
To undertake CSG operations in a highly productive(agriculturally) area such as the liverpool plains is nothing short of insanity.The risks associated with gas extraction should automatically make it this area a no go zone.Its about time political parties stopped taking large donations from mining companies and start making decisions based on the effects this modern day gold rush is having on agricultural land, water supplies and the people who live and work here.

Geoffrey -Willow Tree     NSW     
This is all proceeding far too quickly and it is likely that damage will be done before proper risk assessment and planning is done. Damage will be irreversible and realistic compensation unachievable

Ben -Condamine QLD      
I find it hard to trust anything the State Governments and CSG companies are telling the land holders. Why would a government want to interupt food production when world agriculture is going to strugle to feed the worlds booming population. Currently the Federal government is spending billions on water buy back schemes in the Murray Darling system. Who were the ones that over allocated river systems.... State Governments, because at the time money was in Agriculture. What is the difference right now with the CSG industry and State goverments now going ahead with this 50year CSG industry. None. Over allocation for short term financial gain. I hate to think how much it will cost the Federal government in 50 years to replace the Great Artesin Basin. No amount of money could ever fix that problem. Anna Bligh is creating jobs for one major environmental stuff up. Congratulations Anna

Helen- NSW     
Are we living in germany early 1940's?   Three basics for survival: water, food and shelter.You are eliminating the first two with such greedy approvals.Do what is good for the country.Other nations are planning to feed there populations in the long term. So protect our food production, your grand children will be grateful,they cannot eat and drink money!

Neil  Coonamble  NSW       
No-one would exist out here in the West without the Great Artesian Basin - which lies under almost a quarter of our arid continent.  If CSG mining is allowed to continue, not just the farmers and industries that rely on the GAB will be gone, but country towns and whole communities will cease to exist.  Water = life, and no-one can live out here without the GAB.  CSG mining is destroying the GAB, and must be stopped IMMEDIATELY before it does any more damage.  What is the rush anyway, to destroy something so priceless as our aquifers, for something so short-term and unviable as CSG mining?  Why not at least call a moratorium, and look at all the evidence we have, before you rush on with this destructive industry?  Once an aquifer is destroyed, it can never be rebuilt or rehabilitated.  It is gone forever.

Anne - Coonamble  NSW       
What does it take to convince the govt's that CSG will destroy our aquifers, our GAB, our environment and our food-producing lands.  Don't they ever think of the future generations?  Do they think the world will self-destruct in 20 years?  What do they think people will eat or drink in Australia in the future?  Even the National Water Commissioner has warned that the coal seam gas industry could have a "significant" impact on surface and groundwater if not managed properly. "We also recognise that if not adequately managed and regulated, the industry risks significant, long-term and adverse impacts on surface and groundwater systems."

Anne -Great Artesian Basin Protection Group Coonamble  NSW       
It is beyond belief that governments can risk our greatest national resource, the Great Artesian Basin, for the short-term gain of quick money from csg mining.  CSG mining is poisoning, depleting and destroying the finite waters of this great resource of water lying under 22% of Australia.  We live in the driest inhabited continent on earth, why would you kill off a treasure like this?  Our irreplaceable, priceless Gift of the GAB is being destroyed by CSG mining.

John - Broke, NSW         
There are simply too many unanswered questions, too many gaps and loopholes in existing legislation and out governments are rolling out the red carpet for this intrusive, destructive industry.  How many people need to make the call for a full-scale moratorium before someone in government begins to listen?  How many people need to lose their land before someone in government takes action?  How much destruction of health and the environment is ok before we realize we have gone too far?  We have already gone too far.  We must stop NOW!  Until the questions are answered, until the laws are in place, until the processes are setup correctly, until the rights of the people and environment are protected, this industry and its fossil fuel cousins must STOP!

Catherine - Cliftleigh NSW        
This is such a tragedy to be happening off the coast of my beautiful city of Newcastle. We pride ourselves on our 'town', and adore our beautiful beaches and healthy marine life.
I grew up here, and have previously left for 7 years, and all the while missing my home and the beaches - and have now returned - happier, because this place is my home - even on a spiritual level. All these plans have gone on behind our backs, and not allowing us to have a say in it!
I don't want this, and I want you to listen to my plea. Please put our environment first, and money second. What will the future be like when we rape these resources, and and then run out? There are other ways to make money, and there are other ways to sustain our way of life, and everyone can adapt to change when it is for the good. I have changed how I use resources, and am better for it.  Please listen to your people. We are supposed to work together.
If you do bad things to our earth, our earth will do bad things to us.

Lydia - Wallsend  NSW        
Newcastle Community Members were not adequately consulted in the approval of Coal Seam Gas Exploration and the risks associated have not been transparent to the community. I object to the approval of such action and am objective of and disheartened by legislation that does not support the rights of community members to contribute to the decision making on such impacting and relevant issues. 
The problem:
• Industry and Investment NSW approves CSG exploration without input from the Department of Environment, taking advice from industry on the potential for contamination.
• Exploration licences exist across some of our most productive farming areas, our water catchments, and even Sydney.
• There is no requirement for community consultation before approval of exploration drilling. This is despite the potential for future full scale extraction resulting in hundreds of wells, kilometres of pipelines and the use of millions of litres of water.
• Exploration activities can include the dangerous hydraulic fracturing procedure (fraccing). Fraccing involves injecting hundreds of thousands of litres of a water, sand and chemical mixture at high pressure into the wells to crack open rock and stimulate gas flow.
• Scores of exploration sites have been approved without any strategic assessment of the cumulative impacts of CSG mining on our health, environment and our future food security.
There is no strategic assessment:
There has been no strategic assessment conducted of the dangers and opportunities of CSG mining in NSW. The cabinet sub-committee which is supposed to be developing a state wide coal strategy has failed to progress and, despite questions, has refused to include CSG in that strategy. Communities expect government to protect their health, their livelihoods and their environment ahead of the profits of the mining industry.
There is a lack of community consultation:CSG exploration currently requires no consultation with local communities before approval. Industry and Investment NSW can approve exploration wells and the use of fraccing chemicals without referral to local councils or public exhibition for community submissions. Environmental review statements are not required to be made public before exploration sites are approved.
I request that the members of the NSW Legislative Council & Parliament:
1. Put communities and the environment ahead of the profits of gas companies,
2. Support a moratorium on CSG exploration and extraction activities, and
3. Support an independent investigation into the environmental, social and economic consequences of CSG activities.

Allison - Shellharbour , NSW         
 If the recent tradgery in NZ was not enough when we as a race realise its not about the dollar.Its about the greater good of ALL mankind not just the 10% who  prosper.

Aaron - Maianbar, NSW         
Would like 2 think that line had been drawn this will kill the Park and isolate species from genetic diversity among other potential health risks demonstrated elsewhere as stated in document. Absolutely infuriated over their lack of respect displayed here in the proposal. On a personal note ...I learned 2 horse ride down Otford Valley and hoped one day 2 show my children this joy as I was ! I'm not anti development, just anti stupidity !!!

Christopher - Mayfield, NSW         
As a business owner and small farmer I am greatly concerned by these actions

Doug, NSW         
Water is more basic to our life than profits for a few and coal seam gas with a higher CO2 footprint than coal!

Sara  -  Bondi Junction NSW          
 My Understanding of coal seam gas exploration is that it takes from the source of life with no thought for the people, environment, and the importance of our nourishment, from which the earth provides for our well being. It should have been made very public before being implemented, it is a terrible mistake.

Geraldine  -  MULLALEY  NSW          
Dear Minister  We can not survive i.e. that is live on our land without our current access and use of our underground water resource. Our family produces food which we sell direct to the public in a 250km radius of our farm. We farm on a sustainable basis and reinvest all but our most basic living costs back in the farm in order to improve the land and care for the environment. Please don't allow the Coal Seam Gas industry to take our water from the aquifers below us (to pump out under the guise of waste water) and please don't let them contaminate the water which is so important for us ans our livestock and our orchard and vegetables to live on.
Isabel -  Alexandria  NSW          
Why isn't Coal Seam Gas mining and its significant environmental issues covered by the Environment Protection Act and Water Protection Act? I am concerned that permits for Coal Seam Gas mining with its Co2 footprint larger than Open Coal Mining without ANY consultation with the people you represent. There are significant water issues linked to this (not only the 100,000 megaliters needed to extract the gas BUT also what happens to the polluted water afterwards). Halliburton was subpoeaned in US for not sharing the chemicals it supplies for CSG mining - yet these same chemicals will be used here. Beyond Zero has a costed plan for Solar Thermal that can supply ALL Australia's energy needs. Why aren't we supporting solar thermal private enterprise?

Tina  -  Bondi Junction NSW          
Please go and see the film "Gasland" which illustrates the effect of coal seam gas development without the proper government controls.

Mark  -   NSW          
Please stop treating OUR LAND with such contempt. We are just custodians of the land and when you finish subjecting it to constant trashing and there is nothing left, you will be the 1st to whinge and complain about the lack of air, water and all the storms and wind barrages that will result from a dead land.
Think about others just for once instead of the almighty dollar.
You keep selling everything off and the resultant job losses and problems arising from this cause you to find other ways to make a buck at the detriment of the land and the people.

Kath  -  Camperdown NSW          
I am very concerned about this issue and I hope you give it the consideration it deserves. thanks

John  -  Austinmer NSW        
The part 3a approval of 15 CSG bores at Helensburgh in NSW is yet another reason, as if any more were needed, why Labor will be dumped in march 2011. They lost my vote several years ago but this acion takes the biscuit.

Ian  -  Mullaley NSW      
I do not want the gas pipe line through my property

Juraj  -  Runaway Bay QLD       
No to Coal Seam Gas mining!

Sue  -  St John's Wood  QLD       
Please stop wasting my hard earned taxes on polluting 19th century technology when we know that Australia could be 100% powered by clean renewable (NOT nuclear) energy sources, by 2020, at affordable prices (See BZE's recently launched plan for Stationary Energy).