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RNP's wildlife is caught between the Pacific Ocean,  F6 freeway & suburbia

Submission for all '7D' zone precincts

Wollongong City Council have divided up the conservation lands of the Helensburgh -Otford-Stanwell Tops region buffering the Royal National Park into 24 precincts. 


Wollongong Council are wisely proposing much of the land buffering the Royal National Park to be to be zoned Environment protection E2, but we need to tell them we Agree or else developers will have that overturned!

So, if you would like to automatically send an email to Wollongong Council for each of the 24 precincts at once, basically requesting conservation of the remaining '7D' zoned bushland, whilst allowing existing use rights for  approved dwellings & approved business please complete the form below  

Your personal /additional comments will strengthen the submission further.

Att: Wollongong City Council

'7D' was the zoning name appointed back in the 1990s to further protect the catchment of the Hacking River, as it directly feeds the Royal National Park and into Port Hacking of the Sutherland Shire. Since the 1960s much of the surrounding land was already zoned non-urban and conservation. 

For the future of our beautiful coastline, National Parks, tourism, threatened native animals, and fresh air for Wollongong and Sydney, and less strain on infrastructure this green corridor needs the highest protection, and development limited to suitable infilling within the township. We cannot move the National Parks nor the ocean so must protect the vital link in between. Nor can we risk further lives to bushfire by trying to evacuate yet more people through the few narrow valleys, as evident in the massive wild bushfires of Christmas 2001. To that end, apart from the recreational & tourism zonings in the Gateway precinct, the remaining bushland 24 precincts must be zoned E2 environmental with existing use rights for approved existing dwellings/businesses.

Yours sincerely,

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Please note: valid email addresses are necessary if you wish to receive acknowledgement from Wollongong City Council.  And so as not to overload the Council email system,  some emails may be delayed in transmission. You may receive up to 24 email receipts from Wollongong City Council - one for each zoning precinct.   

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