Lady Carrington Estates South

Wollongong City Council Proposed zoning for Lady Carrington Estate South is E2  - agree!

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Re: Planning Proposal '7D' land Lady Carrington Estate South Precinct

I agree that the Lady Carrington Estate South precinct must be zoned E2 Environmental Conservation, and recognised as not only an important part of the wildlife habitat corridor between the Royal National Park, and the Illawarra escarpment, but also that it sits above tributary creeks leading to the Hacking River. Ideally the degraded land should also be restored to the former bushland and litterol forests, to not only strengthen and fill in the fragmented wildlife corridor but also restore the ridge scenic views from the Grand Pacific Drive.

In short, this whole area must be E2 Environmental Conservation because of the bordering Royal National Park, and nearby Camp Creek and Gardiners Creek flowing directly to the Hacking River. The forest and bushland north of this precinct should not only be preserved but restored. It provides an important buffer and air filter to the airborne coaldust from the Metropolitan Colliery, and a natural block to hot westerly winds, keeping the Otford valley and Hacking catchment moist and temperate.

All stormwater and run off leads directly to the Hacking River. The effect of any excavation and land clearing on this section of Helensburgh plateau is evident at every rainfall, as downstream become extremely turbid with clay deposits and Helensburgh refuse. Containment ponds in Helensburgh have failed , and more will not help. There is no guarantee stormwater and pollution control systems will work effectively in such a high rainfall region. The only method to retain the relative purity of the Hacking catchment and river, is to cease and prevent any new development, and restore degraded land to native bush. There is no assurance either any methods employed by the developers of proposed rezonings, to retain and filter stormwater, will be continued by the new residents - with out strata titles, a sinking fund will not exist. Instead, the responsibility and costs of the less than dependable containment ponds etc will fall on Wolllongong City Council. Wolllongong City Council will then seek to increase rates across all of the Helensburgh district.

Yours sincerely,

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