Gateway Precinct

Wollongong City Council Proposed zoning for the Gateway is B6 (enterprise/light industrial), RU2, RE2  & SP3 - partly agree!

Att: Wollongong City Council

Locked Bag 8821,


Re: Planning Proposal '7D' land Gateway Precinct

I object to the adjacent and surrounding zoning of land of North West Helensburgh as B6Enterprise Corridor, including but not limited to Baines Places, Lawrence Hargraves Drive and Princes Highway.

This corridor is adjacent to the Sydney Water Catchment,  F6 ramp Roundabout. & the tributary to Gills Creek, and on the northern end, Wilsons Creek.

Tourism -The majority of traffic flow to the Wildlife Park, Kellys Falls & Bald Hill hang-gliding  either as a destination or impromptu is via the Roundabout Gateway on the Princes Hwy.  It is also a thoroughfare to the start of the Grand Pacific Drive.
The proposed enterprise corridor that allows new development ranging from brothels to heavy machinery depots and used car yards with flashing neon signs is not in keeping with the historical village ambience nor the tourism gateway to the south coast.    Such development will deter tourists and swamp the area in a sea of concrete bunkers  -  all a threat to the water catchment, diminishing wildlife corridor and our tourism industry.  

A mixed zone of Tourism, recreation and E2 in this corridor would be far more beneficial to the 2508 area and environment.

Threat to existing cafes/takeaway -  As the entrance and outer fringe of the Helensburgh township, a B6 zoning allowing a  multinational fast food  operator, could severely jeopardise the future viability of takeaway and cafe food operators within the town.  Local residents could completely miss the Walker St/Park St shops & tourists miss the cafes of Stanwell Park & Otford.

Environment - Aside from the fact that this area of Helensburgh is a proven home to the threatened species of Eastern Pygmy possums, Given the volatility of many industrial materials and chemicals,  such B6 enterprise will also require extensive land clearing in the guise of fire hazard reduction.   Further risking high soil erosion to the Wilsons Creek, Gills Creek and Sydney Water catchment .  The former RTA site on the corner of Parkes St was known to contain buried drums of contaminated waste. (click to read LandEnvironmentCourt document) Since there is no record of remediation taking place, we risk accidental releases of similar with a prong of the first excavator. The wildlife habit corridor between the Royal National Park,  Garrawarra and the Illawarra escarpment has already greatly diminished. ‘Fenced  in’ by the F6 freeway, Pacific Ocean and rail corridor, these last fragments of bushland are essential to the movement of wildlife and biodiversity.   Increased refuse, and litter will also be inevitable.  Even Otford Rd bears testimony to regular  vehicle discards of  thickshake cups and hamburger cartons originating from 15km  away.

Yours faithfully

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